High-Speed Real-Time Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch


سال انتشار : ۲۰۱۲


تعدا صفحات : ۱۰

Abstract—A large amount of renewable energy penetration

may cause a serious problem in load dispatch in the future power

system, where the amount of controllable generators will decrease

while disturbances increase. Therefore, a new economic load

dispatch (ELD) method is required in order to make the best use

of the ramp-rate capability of existing generators to cope with

the disturbances caused by loads as well as by renewable energy

generations. This paper proposes a new dynamic ELD method to

meet the general requirements for real-time use in a future power

system, where load following capability is critically limited. The

method is also satisfactory from an economical point of view, and

is suitable for high-speed online application due to fast and steady

computation time. The proposed method has been successfully

tested on several systems supplying a typical morning to noon

demand profile.

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